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Latin American Church

  • Duration: 4 capítulos - 28 minutes
  • Year of Production: 2014
  • Target: All audiences
  • Format: Documentary
  • Description:

    In Latin America, the 60’s and 70’s gave rise to several Catholic priest movements persuaded that it was the duty of the Church to be with the poor. The action of those priests, different from the traditional Roman Church, made the Vatican take a glance towards a relegated continent but in full social and political effervescence. This new documentary series describes father Carlos Mugica’s biography, one of most prominent Argentineans in the Movement of Priests for the Third World; the Colombian priest Camilo Torres, icon for those priests who chose to take up arms and fight against what they considered an oppressive system; the first Neuquen bishop, Jaime de Nevares, staunch advocate of the workers’ struggle and one of the most active Human Rights militants; and the bishop Oscar Romero, an example of commitment with the poor and the transformation of El Salvador’s society. 

  • Awards: Special mention - FICIP 2015