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Children shorts series

My Family

  • Duration: 18 capítulos - 2 minutes
  • Target: 2 to 5 years
  • Format: Animation
  • Description:

    “I live with my mum and my little brother”. “I, with my father, his girl-friend and her son”. “I, with my grandparents”. “I live with my mum, dad and we’re expecting a baby sister”.

    If each family is a world in itself, this animated series searches the vast constellation of family groups, through some children’s glance, living in the same neighborhood. Conflicts, relationships, love, quarrels, friendship, whatever may happen in a family is shown in each episode with animations made by the renowned artist Walter Tournier.

    Key Topics: Families, diversity, respect, identification, similarities and differences, bonds, emotion, conflicts, solutions, music and animation.

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My Family