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Science & Technology

Atlantic South

  • Duration: 13 capítulos - 42 minutes
  • Year of Production: 2015
  • Target: All audiences
  • Format: Documentary
  • Host: Cecilia Roth
  • Description:

    An Argentinean documentary shot with cutting-edge technology, which records the submarine beauty of almost unknown sitesin terrestrial, aerial and sea bed HD images. It is Argentina’s first production exploring the sea floor and deep sea ecosystems in the country’s south. Narrated by Cecilia Roth, this scientific adventure also goes deeper in the region’s history and biodiversity, in the research made by the first naturalists, and in the routes followed by the first sailors along the Patagonian coast, between the 16th century and the end of the 19th century. Besides, this documentary shows the low-profile work of scientific and non-governmental organizations that promote the conservation of the natural wealth of this area.