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Encuentro, Pakapaka and DeporTV are public channels from the Federal System of Media and Public Content.

Encuentro is an educative and high standard channel about Sciences, Humanities, Human Rights, History and Arts.

It produces series which can be used by teachers and students as tools in the class room, that are also attractive to all ages. Encuentro has been recognized with several national and international awards and nominations.


The productions of Pakapaka, addressed to children, are conceived and designed in order to build a quality TV which sees boys and girls as citizens and subjects of rights, producers of culture and constructors of the media messages. Based on these central aims, Pakapaka focuses on the following concepts: diversity as a main idea, a leading role of all the children and the present childhood as a challenge.


DeporTV aims to show different aspects of sports in an innovative way. It develops audiovisual products in multiple formats: news, magazines, interviews, documentaries, reports, homage to the best athletes of all the times.